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Cheaper plans. The downside is the signal. Whenever in the remote areas, signal is weak.

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Very attractive store, a lot of items to choose from, amazing stuff and great price as well.

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All Liked Very good apple

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They have very innovative and fun products but are somewhat unnecessarily overpriced

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I have always visited Virgin Mega store, when i need to buy a gift usually able to zeroo down on a gift....on all three occasions i have meet staff that have been knowledgeable, helpful and invest in time with you explaining about the product or products even if you end up not buying any thing......its a great overall satisfaction with products and people that work on the floor...Also i must commend the gift wrapping section....the elderly Indian gentle man is really good , soft spoken and great smile...

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call center and conversation with customer service really bad

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جميله جدا. احب العاملين فيها لانهم على حريتهم في التعبير عن نفسهم كا اشخاص غير متكلفين تاتووو تسريحات شعر دليل ان الشركه جميله... تعليقا عن الخطوط المحمولة. فقط سهر باقة الانترنت غاليه

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The brand provides satisfying good quality products.

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Sometimes it’s expensive but all products are great

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