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يفضل فتح فروع ف كل امارات الدوله بمساحات وعروض كبيره

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انشاء فروع صغيره ف امكان كثيره

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Update their website



Apply more promotions



خدمات جيدة و منتجات مضمونة بشكل موثوق

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ضروره زياده العروض و تحسينها

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تدريب موظفينهم علي حسن التعامل و سرعتهم بطيئه الي حدا ما

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More promotions needed to decrease

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jumbo main problem is the post-sales support which is the worst i have ever experienced or dealt evaluation is not ( and will never be ) based on one incident, in fact everytime i send items for service, i get delayed unessarly with no convencing justification, the job-tracking link provided NEVER gets updated properly and the poor call-center agnets have to fetch the latest updates and take the heat from me, also i have never got my devices fixed back within the agreed time (2-3 weeks which itself is long) this indicates that Jumbo service dept. has no SLA to comply to which is disappointing.i usually check other alternative showrooms to purachse electronics, unless im forced to , if a product is sololy supported by them like Dyson.i hope Jumbo resolve their post-services issues.

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The application need more updates to be easier

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