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They should use educated people for the delivery service, people who can discuss & explain things instead of standing there with an idiotic expression, and that’s really frustrating when there is an issue with the delivered products

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They never failed to give 100 percent satisfaction to their customers. I always used the app weather its groceries or food delivery. Well recommended delivery app. Value of money is worth it.

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Always check for weekly promos....

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Deliver the food on time. Thanks!

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Salute to the drivers/ delivery personnel for being so patience for their work ....

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I always have issues with them, also I don't how the do the delivery rating, once my sister was setting beside me we both were checking a menu the delivery cost for her was 5 dhs while it showed 9 dhs for me and we are at the same location!!, the staff attitude towards any issue is really bad and they don't solve it. and they are dragging their newly sub brand down with them

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talabat name of trust and confidence its always pleasure when ordering your food and grocery with talabat it always care more about your services in time over all best delivery service

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لا انصح بالتعامل مع هذه الشركة إطلاقا ، يوجد تطبيقات ادثر احترافية و جوده فالتعامل..

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اسعارهم مرتفعه و لا يوجد خدمه عملاء هاتفيه و لا يوجد تجاوب لحل المشاكل

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ewsy to use and variety of products