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ارتاح في التعامل معهم

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يجب الاهتمام اكثر بالتخفيضات مقارنة بالاخرين خاثة وان لديه منافسين اقوياء

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انتقاء موظفين متعددين اللغات لأنه يوجد بعد الأخطاء و التجاوزات من بعض الموظفين حيث لوحظ من بعض الموظفين التعامل بفوقية مع بعض العمال الانشائيين وهذه نقطة سلبية تسجل للموظفين داخل شركة معروفة ومرموقة مثل كارفور



عروضهم رائعه تعاملهم رائع

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This brand is perfect in every thing

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Consider more offers and consider value of money.



The app is pretty convenient , and has helped me shop with minimal contact. I bought a phone online , and i was pretty happy with the price and the service offered. The app however , has to improve its User Interface , to give a more user friendly experience .

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1. When I shop at the store I use re-usable bags. The delivery has far too many additional packaging items, which I would like to see reduced. 2. The delivery person, does not have the appropriate options available for correct change for a cash on delivery order. Made more difficult, if an item isn't available for delivery or an alternative isn't wanted, then there is a problem with providing the correct funds. 3. Each delivery has been delivered as arranged, which is appreciated.

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