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Now is growing very fast with its disciplined service and quality of products ,more it had good reward program also,it's always pleasure to be a customer for careem Now.

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Cream Now is very trustworthy and innovative delevery service company which had very professional staff and delevery very fast and safe,

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Cream now very fast growing delevery service and groceries supply company it always had good commitment to customer service and very fast delivery

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Should update the app that when an item is not available they should inform the client fast.

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Deliver fast and good service.

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This app has been well improved, great job to all. You can completely see all things in these app not just delivery, but things like grocery, food, health, car rentals and so on

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I've been using careem now for a year , but recently i got ripped off by a driver who decided to take longer routes to reach the destination. The fare at the end of the destination was higher than the estimation on the app. The driver was rude and drove over speed limits even though we were not in a hurry.

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Drivers are respectful and efficient.

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