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جعل الأسعار أرخص

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apply 1 charge delivery for all orders

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Sometime I get issue but they solve but takes lit bit time


Experienced a lot of packages being delivered as per the message but never received them. Need for them to fix it.


provide customer service satisfaction, help customer, deliver on time, take care of the package they are delivering and do not hand over it to anyone or just leave the package at the door without calling the customer, and do not claim to have delivered the package even if it is not, improve their software and system so that they have an access to their courier. Amazon, being a big company, do not know the contact number of the courier so when a customer follows up for an order, agents are hopeless and cannot help, agents should do their job properly



شركة قوية وتستحق الثقة

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Amazon has improved allot since the day they opened officially in UAE, their delivery timings became better mostly with no delays. Problem resolution is also quick and satisfying. The app is great however I think it can become better.One point that I don’t like about it is that they don’t offer “family” accounts yet for the UAE .

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سرعة بالتوصيل و اكثر من خيار للدفع و خيارات توصيل في نفس اليوم

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very good delivery services.. very fast

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