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We love amazon. Hope all items have an available invoice on the app.

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A bit more flexibility in delivery options would be good



i like amazon because u can find anything u need but what i dont like with amazon is the delivery service. they will let u expect delivery but will not arrive on the date and time they stated. if you order something u dont really need its fine but if u ordered something u really need on the day u needed the item dont expect too much, it will not be delivered.


Amazon is the place where you can get anything you want all things from A-Z. Being a Prime Member has its perks too which is one day delivery, amazon prime movies and much more. Good job Amazon. May the force be with you.

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Amazon,are very reputed retailer and online supply service it had quality products ,but it should make a returnable policy for damage items some times not solverd issue nicely,or item damaged in supply process so should make it properly ,

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ارجو تعديل قائمة التوصيل وادخال توصيل الى المنطقة الغربية بدع ذايد



يجب على الادارة ان تدرس اكتر اي منتج قبل وضعه في خدمة المستهلك

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In Amazon... literally you can find anything from A-Z. The choices were very varied. I was looking for how to store my bike and it the Amazon search gave lots of suggestions and i ordered for the hoist thingy. Searched for a bicycle helmet and lots of choices were also shown. My point, I had the power of choice and my choices were not limited. The items were of good quality and the delivery was quite reasonable in terms of time. The delivery personnel was courteous. Overall... i commend Amazon. Good Job.

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All in one shopping app. They got everything you need. Fast delivery. Good options.