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Clothes - Azadea Group

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Staff is rude sometimes, rest I always shop their product

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Not good service from the staff. Its like they are bored.and we are disturbing them.did not like the prices offered.i would not recommend going again.

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Very nice clothes and shoes Good qaulityNice customer service Thank you

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Just my opinion that the Zara in Mall of Emirates doesn’t look appealing anymore after the store renovation. I like the old look. Its hard to find clothes you like, the lighting is too bright.

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Good quality, very stylish.

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من الممكن زياده فتره التخفيضات أو تكون على الأقل مرتين فى السنه لانها تخفيضات حقيقية وجاذبه جدا للشراء

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I don’t like the staff, they are show off, and helpless, they talk in rude way, i went too many branches, they all the same, is it the company goal??

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I’m a zaraman i love zara brand best brand in the world.but only the price little bit costly 😔😔if I’m a richman I everyday buy only zara brands

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