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Clothes - Landmark International

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There is a wide range of products to choose from. They also have great prices during the promotion schemes.



للاسف كل عام الخامات والموديلات تقل جودتها من فبل سنوات كنت معظم ملابسه منه إنما الان ما برضى اشترى أبدا لان الخامه وحشه والموديلات قديمه وما فيها ذوق

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If your looking in one shop for the entire family, you should definitely go to splash. Affordable clothes for everyone. Stylish, chic and good in your budgets.

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good offers. affordable for those who wanted to have varieties of clothing for the whole month :) very affordable...

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سبلاش ستور لا باسةبه للتسوق

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they have lots of offer but its more higher than the online. that is why i always purchase through online rather than falling in long queue.

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Some of their branches have poor arrangement of clothes. Recommendble if on sale but they will only display limited sizes, though they have lot of designs to choose from.


In the 2 branches that we usually go to, I can say that it is more convenient to shop at their Shindagha branch especially during their last promotional sale it is because the men’s and women’s sections are separated so it meant it was less crowded as compared to their Burjuman branch. But during that sale, there were times at both stores that the price tags were wrongfully placed and adding to my disappointment is that the cashier only informed me after I have queued for a long time that the tags were put by mistake by their staff thus making my choices of clothes ineligible of the promotion. So, it was totally a waste of time and effort for me.

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We went to their promotion of BuY 1 Get 2. However, when we are already in the counter to pay the clothes I selected for almost 1 hour to avail their promo, the cashier said that some of the clothes were not included in the Promotion. So I asked her why there's a sticker on the tag that says Buy 1 Get 2. A guy beside her replied that it was Friday yesterday and there were a lot of buyers so they don't have time to remove the stickers. Total disappointment and what a dishonest answer. They should have pulled out the items that they don't want to include in the promotions. But why there's a sticker on the tag if its not included and it was also in the same aisle for promotion items. I also noticed that some of the staff were just chatting about their personal issues while there are customers around them who were inquiring about the clothes on display. I could have rated them 9 or 10 but its just not they don't deserve it after this incident. Employees represent their company as always.


مواكبة ومتجددة تفهم مايحتاجه المستهلك .. الاسعار متصاعدة بشكل ملحوظ ...

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