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Wonderful Quality of the world And Most use in the World Because of Great Quality and good stuff

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I likes so much this sports apparel clothing and designed Is Amazing and modern dislikes is I can't stop thinking what is my next product items that I wanted to buy likes,shoes,jogger,jacket,shirts,polo shirts,shorts apparel and jordan collections.its annoying me to visits and check the new style and hottest collections.

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I love NIKE eversince only that its price is high... only sometimes I can afford. 😊✌😊



i like Nike because they have good quality brand and product. Nike is a well known brand.

Expert Ambassador Influencer


quality of clothes and shoes


like because it's one of the best brand, quality, design, guaranty on some stuff. nothing to dislike because if u want best quality u have to pay best price. offers always there.

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Nike Brand is well known because of the quality. I think the needs for promos specially discount.

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I have to save money and then i buy from nike. Perks of being middle class. After i have money i dont have any offers in nike so i can save some money. Other than that i will insist on the good quality consistency of the product,but the service,location,online service will definitely defer as its available almost anywhere. Also shoes are fine but the clothes i donot want to invest that much of money hfor just the logo.

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Very nice shoes and clothes.. Also nice brand..


Excellent products which are comfortable. Some products are worth the price.

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