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Quality at its best


I’ve been shopping my clothes from Max Fashion all over the years and I see their product has been developed to its quality and style. I can say that you can line them together with other shopping store in Dubai as they have it all what you need you can find it there. Kudos to Max Fashion

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Very good quality of pants and dresses with a good price very accommodating staff


Trouser r always fading n colors comes out

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It is what it is..affordable, top notch style combos you can pick from, everything under one roof kind of experience.everytime. ok service,would not like to comment on that depending on the value what we are getting

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Max Brand is affordable brand and cheap. i think the brand need to have more high quality brand but affordable.

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كانت بضاعته اجمل منذ سنوات والان هناك تراجع في موديلات الملابس وكانت صمديات وتحف المنزلية لديه جميلة والان تراجعت كثير وقد تكون قلت كثيرا وماكس فرع حمدان بابوظبي جدا تغير خصوصا بعد وضع قسم مكياج وسط المحل اصبح مكان غير جميل وقلت عدد تشكلية ملابس

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I really loved to shop here because it's very prices are very cheaper and good brands. Thumbs up for the friendly service with a smile. Godbless and more power


I like it’s online sale, I’m very happy with its click n order on online

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I like the friendly staff.. I dislike nothing so far


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