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Clothes - RSH Limited

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Always love evrything and affordable prices for evryone thank you so much

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I love this brand. I used to buy online. I usually recommend to my friends and colleagues to check online whenever they have promotions. Hope they will stick to the quality of fabric. The dresses that i have lately purchased were not perfectly met my expectations. But overall good value for money being got them at a discounted price.

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The trends are always stylish, but cost effective.. It's not worth it.

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Very feminine, stylish and good quality of clothes, budget friendly

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I like their visual merchandising but I wouldn’t buy from them anymore because of the quality and the fact that they are a fast fashion label but their prices are higher than other competitors. Doesn’t seem worth the money.

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Quite pricey, good quality of product. Give more choices on clothing design and add more smaller sizes.

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quality of clothes is better than other brands but there are lack of seasonal clothes and for woman not much verities

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Love the store ABHORE the staff ... every one has an attitude there - unfriendly unhelpful and no one ever asks you to help or smiles - very uncomfortable store experience

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Good design and consistent on the website same thing when you buy on the mall.

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Staff interaction is not there

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