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Clothes - Al Shaya

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-Different shops have some different varieties/stock. I liked something in delma outlet couldnt get it from marina and they say thats only in that branch. -Size issue.



كتير بحبون منتجاتون جيدة

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I want more design


The staff judge u with ur colour , looks , and preference only high class people.

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the kids section is amazing specially when offers are going on. women styling and home section have huge variety to select from and is very trendy.. always in for HnM


staff at deerfield mall is unprofessional . they dont really help you out if there is a sale happening. they just ask you to check it yourself but wont make effort to be there . staff lacks proffessionalism , customer service. they dont promote the brand no wonder h n m deerfield mall branch is half the time empty. some clothes are not worth the price. they make the top around 200? h n m is popular brand and maintaining the price of every item must be taken into consideration. h n m must be a brand where a customer must not think twice before purchasing a particular item . make is affordable to all and work on promoting the brand more or else u will lose a shopping lover like me .

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Last week the store had good offers ...even the quality and various designs were available...that too very reasonable .worth spending for good product .



Please try to accommodate customer who wants to spend less , make more sales persons on store for customer satisfaction . Hope it matters


Good product quality. I usually buy here dress and clothes for my daughter when it has promotional offers which I find worth it of every cent that I spend. One thing I noticed is that it is common for its store during promotion that clothes get mixed up and makes it difficult to search for the right clothing as I have to browse each rack which is a bit annoying, time consuming and sometimes not able to buy what is desired.

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