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Clothes - Al Shaya

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I like the concept and designs of clothes,polo shirt,tees,caps,Jean's dislikes is too far in my locations to check what is the New arrival that I need to buy and have it.

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Wide range for selection, this is what I love. Kids products are good. Basic quality of the products for women have gone down day by day. For woven shirts, they are coming out after few washes from collar area, T-shirts from basic dept, fit has changed, fabric quality and weight of jersey gave changed, they get Desgaoe after washing. Bad quality. Like basic leggings get deshaped. Knees coming out. Too much of crop tops or hoodies only targeting younger or teen age groups . U should consider people of all ages specially nediocor group as well. Even for plus size women not much variety and likewise pregnant women clothing is very basic. Atleast some nice print or colors..People want to celebrate this period but there's lot of boring stuff

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I like the Organic clothes

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الرد عبر الإنترنت بطئ جدا واحيانا عبر الهاتف

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The quality is very low compared with money value also the have low number of staff to assist in store


good brand and variety of collection

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Value for money i like



I like the variety of clothes and their promotions.

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They have the best clothes and accessories for babies especially the blue plastic bag with the butterfly on it my girl never goes to pool without that bag

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