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ماله داعي البضاعه تقريبا نفسها ما تتغير مافي شي جديد لو يغلقون المحل افضل الصراحه

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Didn't face any issue with the company

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One of my fav clothing brand.

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Good deals on t shirts

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I bought a lot of item here before, but now a days the quality is not a good as what they are selling, when you wash it twice the color will change easily and the fabric will be loose

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The prices are high and quality is more than bad. T-shirts gets torned up after couple of washes or gets out of shape.

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one of my fev brand. please bring more collection

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The brand has good quality but needs to add more stores.

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They had promotions for the tees which I found affordable but I noticed the quality of the fabric, it was thinner compared to other premium products they sell. But overall, I am very satisfied. They have also offered 14 days after sales exchange. Kudos to the sales staff who assisted us in Dubai mall branch recently. Keep it up!

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