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They really offer affordable products during promotions. Product quality is up to mark. I am hoping that they continue offering budget-friendly items without compromising product quality.

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They have good quality of pants/jeans but their t-shirts are poor quality compared to their old designs. I used to collect the different color of their polo shirts and I still have it for 5 years. But now, the quality of the fabric is not that good as compared before.


They are a bit pricey but when they have sale it is worth the penny and most of the clothes were good quality. Infact, I still have the jacket were I bought on sale last 2012.

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Almost same stock n same design dress always.....



Stop branding yourself as a discount store. Your clothes are good. Discounting does leave a bad impression. You would rather build the discounts in your pricing



I visit their store to check for new clothes design, because I also buy clothes here to give to my friends and relatives in the Philippines. But I keep on seeing the same clothes and designs everytime I’m coming back.

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They should have reasonable promotions


More promotion sale and keep the good service

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The product is good but they need to improved more. discount and promos.

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The display of the clothes are so well arranged that it tempts you to buy the same concept matching style. Good quality..good graphics on the shirts and T-shirts.

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