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Zaatar W Zeit

Casual Dining - Cravia Group

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You can never go wrong with Zaatar W Zeit. Great food in terms of freshness and quantity. A lot of options for customization and customer service is always on point.

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معاملتهم كتير مخترمة

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أفضل المشويات وال سلاطه😍

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البيض واللحمة بعجين العجين سريع التلف

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They’re the best in everything

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زيادة أنواع العصائر في المنيو وتوفير وجبات متكاملة..



zaatar w zeit is one of my All time favourite. one of the best selling and unique in taste sandwich that i mostly order is chicken kaftan. friendly staff . i suggest them to advertise the brand even more so that people all over the world recognise the brand especially on social media . i also would like to highlight the location of zaatar w zeit in abu dhabi khalidiya road .. its not visible to passers by .. overall its a wonderful place to chill with family and friends

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زيادة عدد الفروع وخصوصا داخل المولات



zaatar w zeit must come up with many branches just like tea centre you can see it almost in every street . delicious and freshly made sandewiches. i just loved it . unsatisfied with location in corniche street .its like hidden hardly people come there. friendly staff but limited seating area.

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