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Yo! Sushi

Casual Dining - Majid Al Futtaim

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Food was delicious and Met my expectations but serving is too small making each item expensive.

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The sushi doesn’t taste good at all with limited variety and no options to mix different kinds…very commercialized

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Their convenient feature of prepared foods on the conveyor belt is no longer utilized resulting in slower service.

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We had our dinner and it was Monday which they have a promotion of AED19. We enjoyed the sushi, it was nicely prepared and the staff were friendly.

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Very friendly staff and accommodating


All their sushi are freshly made. Loving it so much.



Most of their menu items are pricey.



Staff was very knowledgeable about the food being served. My family and I tried to dine-in and we were not disappointed with the taste. Their menu is a bit pricey but it is worth it. I suggest for them to have promotions often to attract more customers, improve the taste even more and to make each serving portion increase in size.

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Ordering hot food from the menu takes a lot of time. Ordered seaweed salad and portion was too small compared with other salads. Wasn't happy with desserts (fried banana was too green, and rolls flavorless) salmon sashimi/ nigiri good quality. I had better days with yo sushi.


Way too expensive for me, and the rice meals served is too little it doesn’t fit the price at all. But will commend the sushi it is really good.