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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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Ambiance is too dim, should have more light.

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Cool location but overhyped and overpriced. Cheesecake is too sweet. First time I visited they had to cancel most of our orders due to the stove not working in Yas Mall. No consolation was given or option of alternatives and we left there hungry eating only an appetizer and dessert.

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Great customer service

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The food at The Cheesecake Factory is of prime quality. The Cheescake , White chocolate rasberry truffle and the Southern fried chicken sliders are one of my favourites here.

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تمكين عدد اكبر من الفروع.. مع مراعاه تخفيض الاسعار قدر الإمكان

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The restaurant is always perfect in my opinion. The food are decent sized portions and reasonably priced. More vegan options are needed, my daughter had the nachos and they removed the cream cheese for her, staff was extremely accommodating but there just wasn't enough options for her to have a good meal. This would not have bothered me before, but since my daughter has become vegan, it is now an issue. she could not have any cheesecake because we could not find any cheesecake that was vegan.


الأسعار غالية جدا.. يحتاجون الي التنويع في قائمة العصائر الطازجة فهي قائمة محدودة جدا. طعم الطعام يحتاج إلى ابتكار وتنويع اغلب الأطباق الشكل رائع.. لكن الطعم يحتاج إلى طعم مبتكر.... شكرا لجميع العاملين فيه..

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Most of the Main course are overpriced



There is no place in UAE that makes as good as cheesecakes like Cheesecake Factory, My favourites are Banana Cheesecake and White chocolate Raspberry truffle. Also love the complimentary breads served. You will never be disappointed by ordering on the steward recommendation.



the place is perfect for family and the staff is very attentive...

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