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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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Prices are expensive hope to make more offers


The place is amazing for nice food experience however still DM branch better than Moe and festival, they have 2 problems sometimes serve the main dish before ending the starters & serve cold food in

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wait time could be managed much better way



على أفراد الطاقم أم يقومو بلبس الكفوف قمت بزيارته المكان مره واحده واكيد لن أعيد الكره



الاسعار مبالغ بها مقابل حصة الطعام الاضاءة خافتة جداً لدرجة انتا استخدمنا اضاءة الهواتف النقالة لنرى الطعام

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الاسعار غاليه صح الاكل بستاهل بس غالي


I can't believe that they freeze their cheesecakes for 6 up to months!



I like Cheesecake Factory. It has standards they maintain even with the decoration. Sometimes prices are a bit expensive for medium range families. However it is good in comparison to other restaurants. It targets specific level and serves it well. However I have a suggestions. As it os one of the most popular attractions in Dubai especially in Dubai Mall, I suggest to enlarge the space during public holidays like Eid. It gets so crowded with very long waiting list that can be stressful and disencourging for customers and leads to a change of the restaurant. The main reasons are the waiting list and tables are so close to each other and since it is a family restaurant you expect lots of kids with tight places. The restaurant is amazing and the ambiance is great but in busy summer weekends and Eid things get missy, especially in Dubai Mall branch. Another bug suggestion, I suggest to have all day breakfast menu as many people like breakfast and I think it would be amazing

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سرعة الخدمة والنظافة بتقديم الطعام ميزة رائعة

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