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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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I like the food, from main dish to dessert. However i dislike the brand because of its location as it is not accessible. Also, i hope the brand will consider to have deals on their menus.

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Even though the menu is over priced, the portions of the food are large and that is really great. Love the cheesecakes, they are of great taste and quality.

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The food at cheesecake factory is delicious. The cheescake is the best pick from all the items that you get there. The southern fried chicken sliders, fried calamari, and the peached smoothie is also really good. However, the food has become really inconsistent . The last time i visited cheescake factory i dint enjoy the food much . The service was slow. The inconsistencies were really disappointing .

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Great ambience, good food and excellent service. Good place to have a nice and relaxed evening meal.


What I like about this brand is the product itself. The value of money is totally worth it. The taste, flavourful of the food makes you satisfied. The one thing I dislike most is the location. It takes time and quite hassle to take a transportation going to their store.



The cheesefactory here doesnt have the original taste of the REAL Cheesecake Factory


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