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Texas Roadhouse

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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The steak is good but overpriced. The only thing I liked was the buns and the staff’s way of celebrating birthdays — cowboy style. So funny... it’s an experience but I don’t think I’d come back for the food

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Always love dining here. Superb staff. Very accomodating. Fast delivery of food.

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كتير طيب الاكل والاولاد بتحبو

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مافي اطيب من اكلون

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The steak hustle is clear here. Price and quality are at opposite ends of the spectrum at this restaurant. I truly feel bad for anyone paying at this restaurant, as they are truly being robbed. The grade quality of meat is very low, yet they price is as a medium-high grade. This restaurant won't be around for the long haul.

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Great friendly staff.. i had my wife birthday there and it was fun and amazing. . And the part where the staff dance it's so entertaining

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its always a pleasure dining with them...



Some seat in the DCC branch was hot. There is no AC. But all in all the food was great. Just a tip if you don't want to spend that much for a meal and you are not a picky eater, just order the kids meal. There is a little difference between the regular meal. So at the end you'll be full and satisfied without spending that much.

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I like eating in Texas Roadhouse as they have nice steaks and big serving of foods plus before you order they are offering nuts and bread which are so yummy. Only if they will lessen the price a bit.


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