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Pizza Express

Casual Dining

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The staff actually remember us and our favourite table when we return and are welcoming!


Love their food and service but they're heavy on the pocket which makes it difficult to visit them frequently.

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زيادة الأفرع في مناطق الإمارات وزيادة التسويق عالسوشل ميديا

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Quality pizza, food and drinks. Has great ambiance and good service.

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ترخيص الاسعار مع الحفاظ ع جودة الطعم

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Pizzas a bit overpriced

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i like pizza express because they have delicious and tasty pizza. there place is clean and nice perfect for family and friends. i dislike the prices of there food because its little bit expensive.

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The pizza here is quite expensive. Not unless you have coupons to spend. And it’s just the same pizza from other brands. I just guess you’re paying for the brand name though. But other than that, had a good experience with their product

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The pizza is always great! Visited 3 locations and its great that each branch has its own vibe.

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