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Olive Garden

Casual Dining - Americana

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Staff are knowledgable and friendly.



Before the introduction of this restaurant here in UAE, i knew it from my travels to U.S., in fact it is the first restaurant i tried at my first travel to U.S. The unique thing about Olive Garden in U.S. is the salad, it's so delicious, whenever i put my feet in the U.S. i go straight to Olive Garden for the salad. I was existed when the restaurant opened its branch here in UAE, and i was among the first group of people to try it out, but i was disappointed because the salad dose not taste the same. I tried it many times over extended periods thinking that it might change, but no, it is the same disappointment with the salad, other than that, the restaurant is pretty good and a recommended dinning place. Just hope they fix the salad issue to make someone like me go there more frequently.

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Service staff needs more be friendly. Chef incharge needs to be more alert of what’s going out of the kitchen



Fascinating taste. Not to mentioned the presentation of the food. Love it even when you take away Biryani it is steal in a pot. Freshly cooked & hot. Can’t wait to eat again. Great staff.



Value for Money...... one of the best Italian restaurant in the city



فرع الوحدة مول الديكور جذاب لكن الطعام اقل من العادي ،،،الأسعار غالية جدا ،

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تحسين سرعه الخدمه وعمل عروض



Our first experience was great and so we returned. Extremely disappointed by the same. We have vowed to not return