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Johnny Rockets

Casual Dining

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the quality of the burgers have deteriorated over the years. No way im paying that much for a greasy burger

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The restaurant has a very aesthetic appeal. Food is delicious though somewhat too greasy for my taste.

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Not a great experienced so it was The first and last time I visited their Dubai Marina Walk Branch because of the poor customer service. It took so long for the crew to take our order even though there were only few customers at that time. And food are not great for my liking.



Location wise it's great. But the burgers have become greasy and being cold as compared to other brands.



Good . More veg and vegan options should come



I loved there burgers and the service. Johnny rocket used to be my very often go to. But my last visit was disasterous. They have lowered the quality of everything, the food i mean it was partly raw and mostly cold, the signatory shakes, all I could take was milk and water, the services, the crockery. Just disappointing. It went from great love to no love at all on my last experience. Hope get back to where they were.



I visited the jhonny rockets at Dubai Marina walk . Design and cafe layout is good. The service speed was slow . I had to remind the team for my order. However there was proper communication and a time frame was given to me for my order , after my first enquiry. Taste wise, I didn't like it much as the burger was little cold and greasy.Overall, I didnt find it value for money.



The Burger quality has deteriorated over the years. It's become greasy and the beef patty is almost always overcooked, making it not worth the price. I used to love their burgers years ago, sadly they don't make it the same anymore.

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I taste there product i think they need to improve there fries and have some discount.

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