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Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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They should bring some fresh Made iced Tea (NOT THE SYRUP one considered as fresh)


The product itself is good. I mean the food is real value for money and it makes me come for more. Could have improved their service a bit , especially at JBR branch. If the customer for example wants to sit on the second floor, especially the regular one, let him, no need to say my duty is over, noones going to serve you on the second floor.


I went to the IHOP at mall of the emirates, I found the food mediocre and customer service a little disappointing. Yes there were smiles and courteousness etc but while I was munching on my food I got asked if I was done and had my dish taken away from beneath me. Yes I had finished but you dont need to be in a hurry to get the customer to go. Its called casual dining and not fast food for a reason.


To have more branches at key areas in dubai


More variety in breakfast menu


Ihop is love for food. Wish they open more outlets in UAE.