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Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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iHop gone from a physical store to just online store here in Dubai, which eliminates the in-store experience. However; the online ordering and food taste is very good experience, not excellent, but can be rated good to very good due to the lack of the physical store. The food tastes good as mentioned, the portion of the meal is very good, a true American style portion. The coffee tastes great, a real Americano, enjoyable, but the size is very small, i did not expect that, maybe i should state in the future orders that i want a larger size coffee. All in all experience is very good, recommended for breakfast only, or for people who likes all day breakfast food, and hope the physical store opens again.

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Be mindful of the taste of food because most of the food served to us were too salty.

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The meals are reasonably priced. However, their quality has degraded over the last few months.

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pricy but the food and service is good,keep it up.

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Yummy burger! More promotions pls otherwise it’s expensive

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مطعم يقدم طعام لذيذ وخدمة راقيه لكن الأسعار غاليه مقارنه بالمطاعم الآخري



Very comfortable place to dine in.



Oh dear IHOP... Price increase and the removal of Small and Regular meals, in particular with the omelette and side order range. I am late 50's. My Mum&Dad in their late 70's & early 80's visit me during the holidays and we go to IHOP. We are not huge eaters and will no longer go to IHOP, as they no longer have an option for us. In the UK, in a selection of restaurants, there is not only a child's menu but there is an OAP menu. An OAP menu for 2 reasons, older people don't eat as much and have a limited budget, but would still like to enjoy eating out! IHOP, until you change the menu back, you have lost 3 regular customers!!



Fell in love with all their omelette. But some menus a little bit pricey.



Superb, real meaning of value for money, very good quality.