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Gazebo Restaurant

Casual Dining - Kamat & Gazebo Management services

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The restaurant provides top quality Indian cuisine. Good service and a beautiful ambience. The portion sizes are not worth the price but the food is really tasty and well prepared, very hygienic as well.

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The food at gazebo has always lived up to its expectations . Their biryanis are very aromatic , flavourful and the meat is always tender, fresh and boneless. Their mutton dishes are brilliant . Their pricing is a bit more , but for the quality offered its worth it. Overall , gazebo is a must visit for those who crave for biryanis and mutton dishes.

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The food of Gazebo taste very good but a bit pricey.

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I love veg biryani and I am big fan of that.



Mirdiff City center branch is what I prefer. Food taste and quality is good

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Their Mutton dum biryani is sooo delicious. Meat was so tasty juicy and tender. Quantity was enough for 2.the sides with biryani r also tempting. Their shorba soup is so good.

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Chicken biryani was awesome

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The food is delicious and clean

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Good place, good food, quiet busy on weekends and very consistent in terms of their food as well as services.

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