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Gazebo Restaurant

Casual Dining - Kamat & Gazebo Management services

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Food at Gazebo has always been of prime quality. Their biryanis are the best , but a bit pricey.

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Thursday, Friday and public holidays it's bad to visit restaurant. It's always chaos there. Food is delicious



For non Indian it is very challenging to understand the menu it would be good if description and exact image is included for all menu items

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المجمع الذي نسكن فيها .. لا تصله خدمة التوصيل الرجاء تحسين خدمة التوصيل لتغطية كل المناطق ..

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They have the best biryani ever



in my opinion gazibo is the best indian restaurant in uae. i love the food, portion size, cleaness, and the wide selection they offer.we need only more offers 😊

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it's an average when it comes to food quality.. Seems like they add too much color in their meals .. also the price is ok ok .. Nothing great...

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The food at gazebo has always lived up to its expectations . Their biryanis are very aromatic , flavourful and the meat is always tender, fresh and boneless. Their mutton dishes are brilliant . Their pricing is a bit more , but for the quality offered its worth it. Overall , gazebo is a must visit for those who crave for biryanis and mutton dishes.

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The food of Gazebo taste very good but a bit pricey.

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