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Casual Dining - Jananah Investment LLC

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الطعم ولا ارووووع و انصح فيه.



The food taste really good and delicious, price quite high but good quality of food and super friendly staff



Used to order steak but sometimes they give not as per told. Asked well done but it wasnt. Price justifies it the order is fine plus etisalat and other cards always have deals. Brand should publicize more.


The food is good taste and they exactly bring the food how you have ordered. For example if we want the steak medium rare then it is. The best thing about this resturant is that they provide offer in etisalat smiles app. if we purchase one meal the other is free which is great for loyal customers to this brand.


i like the fact that Applebee comes up with monthly offers. i love the crunchy onion rings and strawberry mojito . ♡ loved the interior of the place . applebees must advertise their brand even more .

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Asked for medium rare, got raw steak, never again.



1. Applebee's promotion using the Smiles app is very 1 main course take 1 main course for free...this is great however you have to check thoroughly because some of the discounts does not include the steak and ribs. 2. Customer care may have to be developed more. When we were asking about the promo the staff were a little bit not welcoming. This may be subjective. however staff should not let clients feel that way. 3. The salad was delicious on the otherr hand the steak was below what I have expected. 4. Price wise...heavy on the pocket.

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Best quality food and worth the wait and the price.

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Ordered once and they delivered the shrimps undercooked. I posted a review and got a call and apology from the branch manager all within 10 minutes. And they also went ahead to compensate for the error by sending my order again complimentary. This was the sheikh Zayed road branch



All is good there and superb friendly staff. Love go there again n again