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Car Service - Arabian Automobiles (Al Rostamani)

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مركز الصيانة بتحفظ على بعض عيوب السيارة و عدم تصليحها بشكل مناسب او صحيح مما يؤدي لتلف القطع ومن ثم يتم تحميل العميل مبلغ تصليها لانها قد خرجت من الضمان.واسعار التصليح مبالغ فيها جداً جداً.والمماطلة في اكتشاف الخطأ وحله بعد عدة ايام و ترك السيارة لفترة دون القيام باي اعمال عليها.

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افضل هذه الشركه دوماً لانها الارخص ومنتجات بجوده عاليه

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The person handling my contract in the service center had no knowledge whatsoever about the conditions and terms i had applied for earlier regarding the car I bought from them. Their service contracts are expensive and spare parts have to imbursed by the customer himself .

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توفير موظفين متعددين اللغات ، توفير فحص شامل مجاني سنوي من الوكالة

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reliability. u need to focus on this. once you committed a specific time to customer make sure it will be met. delay for 30mins-45mins will be acceptable but NOT half day.


prices are very expensive


prices are very expensive


value of money doesn't match the services

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items are suggested to replace even though they are in good condition during the service

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