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Car Service - Al Tayer Group

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Very bad pricing, overpriced for the services provided specifically when you take the new car with service contact and you find out that it doesn't include many services that are very important to your car, fundamental services for a new car is not included in their services contacts.

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اتمنى لو بس يتم تخفيض بعض الشئ على الصيانة والخدمات الصيانة واسعار يد العاملة جدا مرتفعه ومبالغ فيها بالصيانة



The quality needs improvement.

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I have bought my first ever car, pre owned ford fiesta and what I got is not what I expected with the amount of money I had given. when i had the car it really looked like brand new, very clean and with brand new tyres. plus i got free service for like almost 2 yrs (because i never reach the mileage). i had recommended the same agent to 2 more of my friends who also purchased their own from the same dealer and same as myself, there are also very happy with the service.

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The spare parts are so expensive there.

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واجهت مشكلة في سيارتي بعد حادث تصادم لم اكن المتسبب به وقد تم التصليح في الوكالة وتبين فيما بعد انه لم يتم تغيير جميع القطع المراد إستبدالها والموجودة في الأوراق التي ارسلت للتأمين, وأكتشفته فيما بعد



spare parts prices are high

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they dont highlight the problem correctly. and during the contract they dont fix or change any piece of the car but as soon as the contract finishes they start finding issues with the car so they can just get money.


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