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Tim Hortons

Cafes - Apparel Group

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Its almost available in every mall and on all attractions. Economical tasty coffee flavors. Their donuts and cookies r good. Staff is cooperative.

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They are very well organized and their staff are very helpful to customers .

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I like there is reasonable sized choices and value for money, the coffee is not too strong. I'm a regular, so I know to ask for a combo meal, food, drink & donut, offer. Although I never see it written anywhere...combo meals.I also, occasionally feel the wrap could be heated a little longer to melt cheese and the donut tastes like, yesterdays! Which is disappointing.I also like that they are employing staff with disabilities, which challenges us to be tolerant, however, that makes it harder to request the combo meal, when it's not on the menu!

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اخر مره في الفجيره كان الموظف سيء اضاف بعض الاضافات التافهه ليحملني دراهم زياده من غير ان يخبرني انه راح يضيف كذا وزعلت جدا سندوتش المفروض ب17 ادفع فيه 31؟؟؟؟ سيء جدا

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french vanilla, cake pops & sandwiches are my extreme favourite

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I never had an issue with TH even before. Love your coffees and pastries so much👌

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جيد خدمتهم ممتازه

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Didn't have any issues

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Did not face any issue, I do always thank the staff at any branch for the quality tand he fast service I always get, keep it up, please return the discount vouchers it was really useful

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The milk shakes and pastries are very tasty and made to perfection

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