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Tim Hortons

Cafes - Apparel Group

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In my opinion they need to update their donut dough,flavors was great but the dough i'm not satisfied.they need to asses their coffee standards to coffee is etheir to sweet or to bitter.

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بصراحه الكوفى عنده مو كتير مليحه غير ان الموظفين مو على درجه عاليه من الكفاءه والفهم وكان قبل بيكون عنده دائما عروض ممتازه لازم يحسن الكوفى والدوناتس مشروباتبصفه عامه محتاجه شغل افضل حتى لا يفقد سمعته

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One of my choices during my off day.i never go back home without sitting and drinking coffee in this shop.reason why?i don’t really know, i felt so relaxed and it paid off my one month tiredness from working inside my employer house.drinking coffee in the place you like the most is the best during off day that relieves all your stress.hoping that everything goes back to normal.keep safe.

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بعض العروض القيمة واللتي تناسب جميع الازواق



stores are accessible, good variety of products i.e. coffee, donuts and sandwiches and good value for money.

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Coffees are too sweet but staffs were accomodating and polite

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Good coffee and pastries, very nice ambience, staff are nice, very accommodating.

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there coffee is too poor in taste .. watery ... we used to love the sandwich tomato cheese which also they stopped selling ... we go there only if we have no option around..lot of room for improvement!

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Good service and good food

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