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Cafes - Al Shaya

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There is too much hype about Starbucks. I don't like the coffee there nor the varieties of sugar smothered smoothies. I would never want to go there. I see people on their laptops, working and it kind of amaze me how they get their work done in such a busy, loud and tiny of a place.

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Starbucks is a well known brand. Their coffee is delicious but expensive.

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love the Ice coffee and chocolate donuts


Old furniture with a lot of dirt & flies



One of my favorite coffee shop ever,why coz it’s very personalized by putting the name in the cup itself,and I think that’s why this shop is popular because of this kind of unique style of service.

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I like Starbucks


كل شئ رائع


I have been visiting starbucks each day every morning before going to work and even sometimes at night to spend time with family. I live in Al Barsha and visiting the branches near the saudi german hospital in hessa, in jumeirah 1, and the closest is the one in al shaya building itself. all the staffs there are so friendly and being a regular customer, i dont have to say my order and preference on how i wanted my coffee every single time. upon seeing me parking my car (hessa and al shaya) they most of the time preparing my favorite coffee. i will either have the cafe latte with soya milk and kid’s temperature or sometime black coffee with dash of half and half. i am also looking forward to those beautiful tumblers they’re having seasonally.

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