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Cafes - Al Shaya

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Starbucks is very good cafe for quality coffee it had best verities and better taste of coffee.

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A lot of varieties to choose from, good coffee and pastries. Shops is organized and clean. Great atmosphere.


My go to place... it's for every mood

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I perfectly recommended to my friends,

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It's always pleasure to visit and enjoy a good time with tastey coffee and snack's at Starbucks,it's quality of coffee is very unique,it care customer service very good,need to focus more on fast delivery services for home,

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I would like to suggest that put more coffee beans đŸ«˜ on the coffee to savor the essence of coffee. I noticed that you put more milk rather than the coffee. Btw, i always ordered latte..but so far the service was great.


average taste but costly.

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Extremely over priced all over the menu compared to other competitors in market , small portions , coffee quality is not the best there’s better coffees in market in terms of taste and quality. Suggestions: Reduce menu prices , change the coffee type to better quality increase more the portions served.

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I love their coffee frappuccino...service staff should smile at the counter

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Good point for the store is that they allow people to work online in the cafe but limits the chance of other people who only want to relax and drink coffee. Coffee is too expensive and they have limited choices for pastries.

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