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Shakespeare & Co.


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very less options for vegetarian

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التعامل الحسنالتأخر



I like the place even if its dark, its part of the ambience

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Over the years, the food quality and taste has been consistent. It doesnt pinch me to spend an extra buck seeing the quality of ingredients they use. Along with the main courses, even the salads are delectable. The cakes and deseerts at Shakespeare Co. are unmatched.

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Warm and nice atmosphere. Cleanness and good taste!


It is one of my favorite breakfast joints, their eggs are always up to the mark & so is their dessert menu especially when they mark it on half price after 09:00 pm, the sugar rush is an absolute steal. However their pastas need a bit of work, I’ve tried most of them & they all seem slightly bland. The restaurant interiors truly transport you to a Shakespearen era, and have a very warm & inviting vibe.

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They are the best cafe in UAE i am very much happy with them. The rewards programs SAC rewards u can earn points and then later use them as cash voucher. I love this brand so much the staff is fantastic of shakespeare.

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اسعار الاصناف مبالغه في بعض شي

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Ive visited ajman branch and it was wonderful, food is nice,staff are friendly,I will recommend this to my friends and I will come back soon maybe dubai branch.

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