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Best and yummy dounuts.

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I love all about this Thank you

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The only place where i really enjoy donuts, no oily smell or oil taste,Really greatKeep up the great work Love u

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Love all the doughnuts so much 🥯🥯🥯

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New York Cheesecake Donuts!!!! In my mind this at Krispy Kreme and joy are synonymous. They are consistent, never been disappointed by the quality. I order it through third party apps mostly, & overall it’s been a pleasant experience. However I would like to highlight this one instance the past year where the outlet sent me different donuts than what I had requested without bothering to call & inquire my preference. But that wasn’t the most off putting thing, it’s when I called to check if my order was accidentally swapped, it was the attitude of the lady at the end of the line. She made it seem that she was doing me a favor by even speaking to me let alone entertaining my inquisition. This put me in a thought spot where I out of sheer anger demanded the correct donuts be sent or be refunded in full. Now understand that I love Krispy Kreme & I would’ve just kept those donuts had she only been polite & courteous, and while I understand that at times the person on the other end could just be having a bad day, I don’t understand how that could drive you to disrespect someone let alone your paying customer who is being utterly polite in spite of your error.

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The most I like in this company is there so many sweets donuts you can choose and a variety, the dislike issues is I can't visit most of the times to eat donuts.

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Overall comments on this. I love the timely offers they give.want us to go back again n again.

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القيمه المدفوعه مقابل الخدمه أو المنتج غير مرضية



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