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Staff should be more interactive and must shows friendliness to their customers.



The quality if the donuts are just amazing and the donut offered has many varieties !!!



Love the munchkin of Dunkin Donuts. So sad they have limited stores and on convenient store are limited donuts as well. Hope they will more variety. I like the combos of coffee and 🍩

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Tasty and delicious but outlets are bit less in numbers as compared to other brands.

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الخدمه رائعه



Good tasting donuts and munchkins. I recently bought their munchkins in a convenience store. Though I am pleased with its taste, I felt that it’s incompelete since it would be nice to see more of their branch across Dubai with wide selections of their products including drinks plus the dining experience with it, not just only their donuts being sold in convenience stores with very limited choices and availability.

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I really like the munchkins it seems that some of their stores are closing now. They should have more stores in the UAE


I am a sweet tooth and Dunkin Donuts always satisfy my desire for a sweet treat. I love their coffee additional donut in the package is heaven. The promotion of buy 12 donuts and get 12 donuts free in connection with Smiles app is a dream come true. I went to their Deira City Centre Br and it was really busy. If I may suggest for additional staff especially during peak times so that the queue and waiting time will not take some time. Commendation to their staff for doing the best they could to handle the situation with a smile on their faces and good rapport to their customers. Good job.

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Best donuts in the market but one issue is that number of outlets are very less as comparison to other brands. Should focus on increasing there presence in main places, rest quality and taste is best.

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