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Caribou Coffee


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Keto Diet friendly Hot/ Cold drinks to be made available


Excellent coffee! there is no bitter taste and is very smooth.


Best coffee with excellent customer service

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Staff are always welcoming and caring about customers’ satisfaction, lactose free options are available ( diary and non diary ) unlike other coffee shops

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I love their iced coffee drinks! And also the muffins!

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Little pricey on all of their coffee menu. But their consistency on the product is the best, not to mention the cafe ambience w/c is really cozy and very suitable even if you want to have alone time for yourself. This is the cafe to be.

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What I liked with Carribou is the ambiance of their store especially the one located in SZR. It is spacious and they have several comfy chairs. It is very suitable for groups or families. The quality of product is also very good and their staff are accommodating.

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من القهوة المفضله عندي عندهم تنوع رائع في القهوة وايضا طعام الفطور. لكن صعب الوصول لهم في عده اماكن معظم مواقعهم في العيادات اتمنى ان يقومو بتوسعه في اماكن اكثر سلاسه.الفرع المفضل عندي في مول التجاره العالمي

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It will be lovely if they expand the menu as there is not much products that suits all

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What I like is the ambience, quality of the food

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