The Cheesecake Factory #6
Al Shaya
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3 Stars15.3.2023
Quite expensive, but OMG the taste? Veryy delicious. Its just when you eat it melts in your mouth and the filling so sweet. A little bit pricey but worth it ! 👍
3 Stars31.12.2022
The quality of the food is amazing.The presentation is awesome but bit pricey.
2 Stars15.12.2022
Little pricey but quality is good.
1 Stars27.11.2022
very expensive and not worth the taste , quality and the portion served
2 Stars23.8.2022
Expensive for small amounts but quality are excellent . But food were more tastier before . Steak isanazing
2 Stars27.7.2022
Have more flavours on cheese cake
0.5 Stars12.5.2022
Extremely Over priced menu, tiny meal portions compared to paid money, slowness on preparation meals. Suggestions: Reduce prices , increase meal portions, make a special menu prices for family. لأسعار مرتفعة جدا جدا ، كمية طعام قليلة مقارنة بالمبلغ المدفوع اقتراحات:تخفيض الاسعار الوجبات ، عمل اسعار خاصه للعائلات، زيادة كمية الطعام
3 Stars17.2.2022
Shorten the time waiting for vacant tables and preparation of food ordered even when a lot of people are dining.
3 Stars30.12.2021
A bit too pricey but the food is amazing.
3 Stars12.12.2021
I love cheesecake factory. Its awesome. Although, no promotions or discount but experienced was amazing. I love it.

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