The Butcher Shop & Grill #35
Azadea Group
3 Stars (18) 11
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1 Stars12.9.2021
We have been visiting this outlet over the years and regretfully, while the prices have been increased the service, portions and overall experience has lowered. It was a regular bi-monthly visit for us which has now gone down to once every 2-3 months. This outlet should also reconsider the relatively high beverage prices
5 Stars14.6.2021
Tomahawk is our favorite but it's too pricey
1 Stars16.11.2020
Though their food is tasty and has best quality, it’s quite pricey. It’s best if you come and eat here on occasions.
0 Stars4.1.2020
Very delicious
3 Stars22.1.2019
Steak and ribs are really tasty... its ok if you are celebrating a special occasion and not on normal day to day dining as foods are a bit pricey
5 Stars28.12.2017
Food is really good but a bit pricey,,, although u pay what is worth...
3 Stars8.12.2017
Food is great but the prices were very high
0.5 Stars20.11.2017
جدا غالي
3 Stars13.9.2016
Lovely food slightly over priced!
3 Stars4.9.2016
Prices are quite high but food is superb

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