Chili's #2
Saleh Bin Lahej Group
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2 Stars24.12.2022
chili's restaurant is very good quality of food and food verities are available for everyone s taste ,it's a pleasure to eat at chili's
2 Stars27.11.2022
the food is good but very expensive
3 Stars25.11.2022
They satisfied my tastebuds nothing to say but kudos 🎉
2 Stars14.8.2022
Chilli s is very papular and very professional fast food restaurants,it's always had best quality of food but it should focus more on delivery services it's not up to date fast,
2 Stars28.7.2022
Reduce waiting time when served
3 Stars16.7.2022
Chilli,s is very professional and unique casual dining restaurant which had very tasty and delicious food serve with very good way and cleaness ,during covid it's used to be very hygienic
2 Stars1.6.2022
Steaks are little bit dry, burgers and side dish were taste good
0.5 Stars12.5.2022
الأسعار جدااااااا غالية و مرتفعة مقارنة بمطاعم نفس الفئة منافسة لهم ، كمية الطعام في الوجبة الواحدة قليلة ايضا اقترح تخفيض الأسعار و زيادة كمية الأكل في الوجبة الواحدة و عمل عروض و أسعار خاصة للعوائل .Over priced meals , very tiny portions compared to paid price.Suggestions: Reduce prices make a special prices for Family’s , increase portions per single meals.
3 Stars9.5.2022
من أطيب المطاعم الي برشح زيارتها
3 Stars9.5.2022
Keep the table lights little higher (Jimi mall). They reduced the serving quantity.

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