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3 Stars19.2.2022
Improve on staff attitude as some waiters are not friendly and approachable. Food was excellent but Dining experience was just fine because of the server.
2 Stars30.12.2021
The brand changed their name to dine best. not really happy with the service and they accept only cash.
3 Stars1.11.2021
tasty delicious food for all
2 Stars30.9.2021
put more branches in dubai
3 Stars6.7.2021
reduce the price of the food because some people cannot afford to eat here specially those low income earners who wants to try a deliciuos food
3 Stars23.6.2021
Good taste
3 Stars4.1.2021
Applebees is very nice place to enjoy a fast food treat and tasty food
2 Stars31.12.2020
Now it is Dinebest. Same quality.
0.5 Stars23.11.2020
Since they have changes their name to DineBest, the quality of food has also changed. The ribs are dry and tough and the coleslaw is not fresh. There are very few customers, yet it took time for the food to arrive. I could have given lower score but the only thing I love is their chicken salad.
3 Stars13.10.2020
best mojito i ever taste.

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